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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hoss's Nursery "Corner" is on its way!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
As I mentioned in my last post, Baby Hoss doesn't get a room in our apartment because, well, there isn't one to give him. With the help of my friend Jessica, I've figured out the perfect corner of our bedroom that will fit a minicrib exactly. For those of you without much of a concept in tiny furniture that will fit small spaces, a minicrib is about 15' smaller in length than a regular sized crib. However it does apparently convert into a toddler bed though I assume a very small one.

As easy as it was to find a minicrib that was affordable, made well and not completely heinous looking, finding bedding for these minicribs has been a ridiculous task. None of the major baby stores give much in the way of options outside of pastels, blatent boy/girl themes, or nauseating Disney characters. Since we will have Hoss in our bedroom, I wanted to at least try to find something that was close to the color palette of our room - black and white (oh so baby-friendly). Thank god for Etsy. When I searched on Etsy, I was able to find a bunch of custom design baby bedding stores that have a wealth of color palettes that where cute, stylish, and generally gender neutral. I placed the order today on the following palatte at Custom House Baby:

We'll be getting a quilt and crib skirt made out fabric 2 and some sheets to go along with it. I decided to forgo a crib bumper - partly due to cost, partly due to the recommendations against them. Since I'm buying each part separately, I figure it's an easy thing to leave off. To top it all off, my friend Candace went to Africa on safari this summer and got some amazing shots of elephants, giraffes and rhinos so I'll be blowing some of those up and framing them above the crib. So even without a full room, Hoss will have a little corner all his own.


Jami said...

I love the last 2 posts. They make me smile, laugh and almost cry (but in a good way).

Jessica said...

Baby Hoss is going to have the cutest, best baby corner ever! I love it!

Grimbil said...

Bumpers are viewed as baby killers here in the UK. Seriously!

Candace said...

I vote for pattern #2. And cannot wait to go through and pick out photos together to complete the perfect baby corner.