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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Baby Hoss...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
I've been thinking a lot lately about things Ross and I get to teach our little one, how we will shape him/her as a person and what Baby Hoss will think of his/her crazy parents. We've been together a long time (10 years in a couple of months time) and there are definitely things that we enjoy doing, accomplishments we are proud of, and quirks that we are known for that Hoss will get to discover through the years. Some of them we may not even want the little guy to know about until he/she is MUCH older. Anyway, here are some of the random things that I've been thinking about and that Hoss will eventually come to learn about the parents -

-Your parents met when they were very young (19 and 20 respectively) and pretty much have spent every single day together ever since except for a year-long forcibly imposed hiatus due to your dad annoyingly being one year older than your mom and having to graduate college and all. That year sucked and you probably won't ever hear much about it because it's a year we would rather forget.

-We enjoy picnics, either outside or inside, and we have them often to celebrate little events, enjoy the weather, or just because. Most of these picnics involve wine and/or cheese. We can't wait to have you join (except you will be served milk).

-Your dad formed a punk band with his cousin a couple years after moving to NYC with the sole purpose of producing an album and playing at CBGB's. He and I are extremely proud that he accomplished both those goals - and then promptly disbanded. There is a mock documentary about it though. However, due to the inappropriateness of the band name, you probably won't hear about any of this until high school.

-We have loved living in NYC, especially in the area of the city we live in. We plan to show you as much of it as we possibly can while we are still living here. I daydream often about all of the walks we'll take in Central Park, looking at the tree in Rockefeller Center around Christmas time, and sitting in Washington Square to watch all the crazy people go by. Though we know we are moving away before you get old enough to enjoy the city, we promise we'll bring you back to visit.

-On that same note, though we have loved living in NYC, we apologize that you won't have your own room right away. Actually it kind of breaks my heart a little that I am planning your nursery "corner" instead of a real nursery. I promise your dad and I are excellent roommates though and I can provide references.

-Your dad is pretty much fluent in Spanish and already has plans of making you bilingual. He also believes that I have the ability to teach you French and make you trilingual. I assure you that I do not have that ability (Je suis en coca-cola, anyone?).

-Even though both your mom and dad, Grammy Walters and Grandaddy Inman, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Fiona, Uncle Mike and Cousin Greg all went to Wake Forest University, you will not be expected to go there. However, you have a pretty sweet family alumni history to put on your application if you do.

-You are probably going to be indoctrinated as a Dallas Cowboys fan from an early age. Actually, I shouldn't say probably - I already have socks and a "littlest Cowboys fan" bib for you. You may hear some crap about this from your mom's friends in Pennsylvania.

-Speaking of Pennsylvania, your mom is from the sweetest place on Earth, Hershey, and is exceedingly proud of this. We will be going there on family trips often and you may have to indulge me in visiting the same spots over and over again. You will be rewarded in copious amounts of chocolate.

-Finally, we are so excited to meet you though it still seems like so far off. We talk alot about what you will look like (blond hair and brown eyes, brown hair and blue?), if your personality will be more like mom or dad, how we know you will be exceedingly smart and thoughtful and full of joy and laughter. However you turn out, you are already extremely loved.

Love, Mom.


abruscia said...

Best entry yet. Love it Hope. You and Ross are going to be amazing parents. Love you!

Bridget said...

Ditto. That was so great.

jfoust said...

I almost started crying reading the last two 'notes' to baby Hoss. I promise to always give baby Hoss many chocolate treats and to ride the Chocolate World ride with him/her as many times as requested.

Andy said...

Hope, that is so sweet!

I'd also like to note that I wholly support your decision to flee NYC before Baby Hoss gets too old. Every person I've ever met who grew up in New York is a raging alcoholic. True story.

Candace said...

Not only is your Mom from the sweetest place on Earth, but she is one of the sweetest people on Earth. Save that and show it to the little one when they can appreciate it.

Erica Duryea said...

Hopey, I am catching up on the blog today, and loving it. This is SO sweet....what a lucky little one Baby Hoss is :) Also, in regards to Andy's comment, I am equally intrigued by and wary of people who grew up in NYC...but we plan to inflict it on our kids, so here's hoping a Brooklyn Heights home base can temper any raging alcoholic or raging lunatic tendencies!