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Monday, December 20, 2010

6 months old

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm a little late in posting Cash's birthday update, but our apartment looks like a bomb went off in it due to the move so I'm a tad bit preoccupied. Cash turned 6 months old on December 12th. We had his well baby appointment this past week and he is now 15lbs 7oz (10th-25th percentile for weight) and 26.5 inches (50th percentile for height). Here are a few of the things Cash is doing at 6 months:

-Sitting pretty well unassisted. We still have a few instances of keeling over but for the most part, he's a certified sitter!
-Eating stage 2 foods (mainly fruit mixes) when he will actually eat. However, he has started wanting to grab the spoon and feed himself.
-Drinking out of daddy's water glass from time to time.
-Still wanting to crawl so bad and still not quite getting it.
-Enjoying his exersaucer immensely.
-Getting a bit of separation anxiety when mommy or daddy leave the room.
-Still waiting for his teeth to come in but chewing and drooling all over everything in sight.
-Babbling up a storm.
-Smiling and laughing all the time.
-Hugging! His day caregivers have said that he is the only baby they have ever known to hug so that's all kinds of adorableness.
-Reaching out with one hand to "point" or motion that he wants to be picked up.
-Playing in the bath with some toys.
-Quickly growing out of his size 2 diapers in what will now be known as the weekend we were all constantly covered in poop.
-Still being the totally amazing and good-natured baby he has been since day 1.

Here's to half a year with my beautiful baby boy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Watching soccer with Daddy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cash looks so happy here. He doesn't even realize how boring of a sport soccer is yet.

Christmas in a one bedroom apartment

May I present Cash's first Christmas tree. Or rosemary bush to be exact. Since we are moving the day after Christmas this year, we decided that a rosemary bush would have to suffice. I did get a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament though.

Cash's present stash is a bit minimal in the ways of size and amount as well. I was looking forward to spoiling him a bit and giving something big from "Santa" but at this point, I'll be lucky if the things I did get are wrapped. I'll just have to make sure to take lots of pictures next year and pretend that 2011 was his first Christmas. It will look much nicer - full size tree surrounded by presents, a mantle with stockings, a fire in the fireplace. Oh and a house for Santa to show up at. That's pretty good too.

Feeding himself

Lately, Cash has decided that he would rather feed himself than have me shovel food in his mouth. This was the result of a particularly lively dinner session with a prunes and oatmeal mixture. I think I may have to nickname him Jabba.

Hiccup Burp

Last visit with Cousin Sam...or so we thought

Cash can't believe he has to see this dude again in his new home.

Ross's cousin Sam came over last week to say goodbye to us...or so he thought. However, after getting some ridiculous quotes from movers (Really! $3K to move 400 square feet of possessions that doesn't even include a couch OR a bed! REALLY!) we decided to bribe Sam with promises of a quick glimpse at the ocean and taxing physical labor to help us move. So on December 26th, Cash and I will be flying to Winston-Salem by ourselves and Ross and Sam will set out on the road trip to end all road trips. Will they arrive in Winston in one piece? Will Ross even attempt to drive the truck at all? Most importantly, will I open up the truck when they arrive and find all of my belongings "packed" in trash bags...it remains to be seen.

Friday, December 10, 2010

NYC-ya later

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cash, in disbelief that he will finally get his own room after 6 months of having to share.

So, the secret's out, we're moving to Wilmington, NC at the end of the month. Ross got a job with a great company down there and I will be keeping my job and working full time from a home office. After 10 years, 3 apartments (1 of the subterranean kind), and 1 baby, we will be saying so long to our beloved NYC and settling into a lazy, beach existance down south. And we could not be more ecstatic. We are so ready for some more space, a little more convenience in our lives and to be closer to family (as well as have more of an ability to see our family that will still be far away). Our good friends who live down there are renting one of their properties to us so I guess I will have to rename the blog to "Baby in a Three Bedroom House (with Dishwasher!)".

We are frantically trying to get stuff together for this move in a couple of weeks but I'm trying to take a few minutes and enjoy the things that I love about this City and hopefully show a few more to Cash before we leave. No matter what, he will always be connected and I can't wait to tell him stories about how we all crammed ourselves into about 400 sq. feet of space, walked miles everyday as if it was nothing, and rocked him to sleep to the sounds of sirens and screeching cabs outside of our window. Hopefully, when he is older, we can bring him here to visit and maybe he'll feel a little stir inside and get as excited to see the skyscrapers getting closer as you drive into Manhattan as Ross and I do. Maybe he will recognize that there's always a little bit of the City within him and that when he's here it's a little piece of home.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A few photos

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here are some pics from Thanksgiving on. It's been a busy couple of weeks to say the least and some big changes are coming up that I'll write about soon. Exciting stuff for the new year...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Toys

Saturday, November 27, 2010
Since Cash is getting squirmier but still can't move around on the ground yet, we've had to find some ways to keep him occupied other than a blanket on the floor and the swing. So we finally decided to put together the Exersaucer which has been sitting in pieces behind the tv in the living room since my baby shower. We knew that once it was set up we would say goodbye to any remaining floor space in our apartment and it definitely takes up most of the living room. However, it is definitely worth it. Cash seems to love it and it gives us a good 30-40 minute break from entertaining him so we can get some stuff done around the apartment.

I also found Cash a Johnny Jump Up on Amazon when I thought that maybe we could put off setting up the Exersaucer. He's finally starting to get the hang of it but I'm kind of paranoid about him hitting the wall with the narrow door frames in our apartment.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Going crazy

Thursday, November 18, 2010
Cash seems to be full of energy lately and just wants to move. Unfortunately he still doesn't have the fine motor skills to actually scoot along. It's definitely not for a lack of trying though.


Cash's mohawk was in full effect during bath time last night. It seems like his hair is only growing on the very top of his head and not the sides. He'll probably kill us for the video below when he's older but really, is anything cuter than a naked baby picture? And Cash is especially cute since he loves bath time so much...

Friday, November 12, 2010

5 Months Old

Friday, November 12, 2010

My baby boy is 5 months old today. In the past few weeks it feels like he has finally shaken off all of that newborn, blob of goo-ness that just stares and lays about and has turned into a smiley, constantly moving, ball of personality. A lot of other moms I know would look at Cash when he was just born and say how much they missed that stage - the small, cuddly, newborn baby-smelling goodness. However, I won't lie, I'm so excited we're at the stage he is now. You can start to see the little person he is going to be. He coos at me in the mornings when we bring him in bed to snuggle as we're trying to wake up. He kicks his legs and rolls out of the armholes of his jammies to help me get him dressed in the morning. He laughs at me when I go to pick him up from daycare in the evening and he wraps his little arms around my neck when I'm rocking him to sleep at night. These are the scenes that I dreamed about when I was pregnant and anxiously awaiting for Cash to be here. And just when I think I can't love him anymore, he does something insanely cute like this morning when he was eating some peaches, looked at the last bite, opened his mouth to finish it, and promptly fell asleep. Snoring asleep. And then I felt like my heart was about to burst.

Here's some of the new things Cash has been doing this past month:

-Eating solids twice a day and loving it. Especially banana. He also likes peaches, pears and banana-flavored oatmeal. He's not too sure about rice cereal and sweet potatoes but will eat it (especially if mixed with banana). And he hates avocado and applesauce (but he will eat avocado if mixed with banana...).

-Rolling pretty solidly from back to tummy and then from tummy to back. Is starting to enjoy being on his tummy more than his back.

-Grabbing at most anything and slowly start to bring it to his mouth for a good taste test. Recently including his feet.

-"Walking" when you hold him in standing position.

-Starting to like sitting a bit more and is starting to learn how to sit on his own. He'll balance for a couple of seconds now before toppling forward.

-Cultivating a sweet mohawk on his head, completely naturally. Coincidentally, Ross had a pretty sweet green mohawk in college (alas, it was not natural). The irony of this does not escape us.

-"Singing" his way home from daycare in the stroller, in the Bjorn. His oohing and aahhing completely charms most of the passersby.

-Being the victim of a good tickle and/or kiss attack. Especially on his neck and under his arms.

-Watching some Baby Einstein every morning which will keep him captivated while Mommy and Daddy get ready for work. He seems to especially enjoy "Baby Van Gogh" the most.

-Not sleeping through the night, but we're getting there. And the fact that we have a pretty solid bedtime of 7pm I think is quite an accomplishment. Now we just need to get a little later with the wake up time. Maybe a shade later than the current 5am...

There's probably a lot more that I'm forgetting. Every day is something new and exciting with Cash around. And the adventure continues...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Visit from Uncle Charlie

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cash makes an excellent Babyhat if I do say so myself....

This weekend Uncle Charlie came to visit. Charlie and Aunt Fiona are about to embark on a year long tour abroad in Indonesia and Malaysia for Charlie's work so it was great he had a chance to come to NYC before jetting off. Ross and Charlie spent a lot of the weekend doing some brotherly bonding (aka, drinking and watching sports) but Charlie spent a lot of time with Cash and Cash enjoyed it immensely. We'll miss you Uncle Charlie and Aunt Fiona - have a great adventure!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday morning

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a great day on Friday celebrating Cash's first Halloween. First, since we get up so early anyway, Ross made pumpkin pancakes to start off the day.

Cash had a parade at day care to get to so Ross and I dressed him up in his pumpkin costume. The costume was a gift from my babysitter from Hershey and it worked perfectly. He was definitely the star of the parade.

With Cash at day care, I had a chance to finally break out the Beaba babycooker. On my walk home I went to the Union Square Farmer's Market and picked up some sweet potatoes and pears to make for him. So far he's had the sweet potatoes...mixed with banana of course. My little monkey seems to know what he likes.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yummy avocado?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
We've stepped up the solids and now Cash is getting some fruit in the morning and a bowl of rice cereal with fruit at night before bed. He is extremely into banana which makes sense since I ate a lot of them while pregnant. He loves it. We tried something new today - avocado. It was recommended as one of the best first food for baby. I don't think Cash is too convinced. He gagged on the first few bites. Then I mixed it with some banana and it was all ok. I plan to make a bunch of new stuff in the Beaba babycook this weekend - pears, apples, sweet potatoes and squash. Also, Grammy and Papa have put some apple and banana flavored oatmeals in the mail for him so we have a bunch of new things to try. Overall though, the eating is going really well. He's pretty adept with eating from the spoon and seems to enjoy eating. I think it's starting to show too - he's getting more of a chubby baby tummy going on. I love it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama Mollie!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cash wanted to say happy birthday to his Mama Mollie in Texas today! We all love you and look forward to saying happy birthday in person (through Skype) this weekend.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

High chair play time

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Last night I decided to set up Cash's high chair for the first time and see if he was ready to sit in it while Ross and I ate dinner. Since he was born, Cash has been confined to the car seat on top of the table while we ate dinner and usually he was ok with it. However, last night, he started to writhe in it so much I was scared he would wiggle his way out so it seemed like a good time to break out the large apparatus that was hiding behind the coat rack. As you can see, he's still a little on the short side for it...

I got out a bunch of toys so he could "play" while we ate. Didn't really work so well. He's not much of a grabber yet, meaning, he'll shake and look at things that you put in his hand for him, but he doesn't reach and grab for things himself. So we would push the little keyboard that played music for him and he would be fascinated for a few seconds and we could choke down a bite of chicken. Then he would fuss and we would push another button, 5 seconds of fascination, eat, and repeat.

I think the main reason for fussiness has to do with the sitting aspect of the high chair. Cash does not like to sit very much. He loves to stand though. I think if we held him in the standing position all day he would be a happy happy boy. His feet are almost flat now when standing and he tries to take steps. However, making him practice sitting is a recipe for fussiness (and falling over). I tried to make him sit on a blanket on the floor the other day, let go for two seconds, and thud! His little head went straight over to the floor. It makes a mom wish for wall to wall carpeting.

Ready for solids...yeah, not so much

At Cash's 4 month well baby visit, our pediatrician suggested that we get Cash started on some solids. So this week, we've been giving Cash some rice cereal in the morning. Since he is still not the best sitter, we usually put him in his swing and try to force a couple of globs of the stuff in his mouth. For the most part, he's not all that enthused. Monday, he actually opened his mouth and let me finish the bowl, but since then Ross has been able to get about 3 spoonfuls in his mouth before Cash clams up and turns his head. I have some bananas to try out later this week, maybe he'll like that more. But honestly, I'm not terribly convinced the little guy is ready for solids yet. If the pediatrician hadn't recommended it (especially since it was right after telling me he was in the 10th percentile for weight) I probably would have held off for at least another month. However, we got on this train so I don't see the point in getting off now. I'm still going to keep it just to morning feedings for a couple of weeks though. Since his bedtime routine and sleep have been so off, I don't really want to throw a wrench in the mix and make him not want to nurse at bedtime because he's so full of this rice goop. We are excited to try avocado in a week or so though. This little half-Texan needs to get started on liking guacamole early.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 4 months!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cash turned 4 months old yesterday. I remember thinking when he was first born that at 4 months he would hit a bit of a milestone and be out of that still somewhat a fetus type state and be more like a real baby. He definitely has changed so much since June 12th and he is doing new things almost daily. This morning, he grabbed the mirror hanging from his activity gym using two hands for the first time. Yesterday, he rolled from tummy to back for the first time on the doctor's table. The list of firsts that have happened in the past few weeks seems endless.

And with this monthly milestone came a well baby trip to the doctor. We got a chance to check on his ear infection and it seems to be clearing up. We also got the standard weight and height checks. Cash is now 25 inches long (which is 75th percentile for height - yay!) and 12lbs, 13oz (the 10th percentile for weight - boo!) The doctor seemed to suggest that I wasn't feeding him enough and that he needs to get 5oz in his bottles at daycare. Since there doesn't seem to be any way that I can physically keep up with that demand, we are resorting to tricking him into some formula eating and mixing an ounce in with each 4oz bottle of breastmilk. Considering his general anger at me when I tried to give him a full bottle of formula the other week, I hope that the trickery will work and that we can gradually increase the ounces so that he will take formula when needed...like when I have to go away for a couple of days for work in January. We also discussed solids and Cash will be starting on some rice cereal this weekend. I hope he is into it so that I can break out the Beaba babycook and make some yummy pureed food for him to eat.

However, on another "mommy fail" note, apparently my grand scheme to keep him straitjacketed in a swaddle forever so that he will sleep was frowned upon by my pediatrician. She actually told me it was dangerous to keep him swaddled since he was mobile now and could roll over and not be able to get back around. So the swaddles will be packed away. He did ok with it his first night but I'm a bit anxious to see how it will continue.

Hopefully I'll get a better grade at the next well baby visit at 6 months. Until then, I'll be attempting to fatten up my rolly-poly unswaddled little man!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Under the weather

Sunday, October 10, 2010
This past week has been pretty rough. Cash has been congested for the past few weeks now and it finally got so bad that we took him to the doctor on Wednesday who diagnosed him with his first ear infection. So he's been on antibiotics since then but his coughing and congestion hasn't gone away at all. In fact, I think it's worse. And sleep....well, I'm not sure I even remember what sleep is anymore. The poor guy coughs himself awake every other hour or so and in general, is just not his smiley and joyful self. So we will probably be going back to the doctor tomorrow to see if there is anything else we can do. For now, I have a video we took at the outset of the illness when he still had his smiles. :(

Monday, October 4, 2010

Where is the sleep training method for the 1 bedroom apartment family?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cash, sleeping peacefully for once...

I think the question that new mothers hear most frequently after the general "How's the baby?" is "So, is he/she sleeping through the night yet?" It doesn't matter if your baby is 4 weeks or 4 months old, this is apparently at the forefront of everyone's mind when they think about how new parenthood is going. Your baby sleeps through the night = everything is going ok. Your baby doesn't sleep through the night = I feel an enormous amount of pity for you and also joy that this isn't my life.

So when friends and coworkers inevitably ask me how Cash is sleeping I say..."Okayyyy....". And that basically is the truth. He sleeps ok. Does he sleep through the night? No, not even close. But does he get me up every 1.5 to 2 hours or some other horror stories I've read? No, he's not that bad. Basically, depending on whether or not he napped alot at daycare that day, Cash goes to bed anywhere from 5pm to 8pm, sleeps about 4-5 hours, wakes up to nurse, goes back down for another 3 hours, nurses, and then (hopefully) sleeps to his newly self-established wake up time of 5:30am. From there he likes to "talk" really loudly,smile and play for about an hour before nursing again and going down for a nap between 30 minutes to 2 hours and then, maybe, take another long nap at some point in the afternoon. He is not the most consistant baby.

Now did it used to be this bad? No, he used to sleep for about 6-7 hours, nurse once throughout the night and then sleep to about 6-6:30am. In other words, those were his glory days. But then about a month ago, I went back to work and he got his first cold at daycare and everything has been all screwy ever since. So Ross and I decided about a week ago to attempt "sleep training" with the help of the Sleep Lady method which was recommended by Ross's coworker. Basically, the method tells you to put your baby down "drowsy but awake" at a consistant time each evening so that he learns how to put himself to sleep. Then, choose whether or not you want to dream feed your child (meaning feed him around 10 or 11pm when you are about to go to sleep) or feed him upon his first night waking but then, after that, you don't feed him until 6am. When he wakes up other times during the night, you need to try to soothe but DO NOT pick him up out of his crib. Also, you need to establish a morning and afternoon naptime and stick with it.

Sounds easy enough, right? However, what does one do when you are right next to your child's crib? I can sit there and pat his head and shush him for hours, but I can't leave and close the door to his wails so that he can attempt to soothe himself for a couple of minutes. He knows that both of us are right there. Plus, it's not exactly easy to let the process run its course when you are not even two feet away from your screaming child. Also, we have neighbors who already dislike us enough since we fill up the community trashcans with diapers and block the hallway with the stroller most days.

So, Ross and I quickly modified and tried to soothe by picking Cash up but not feeding him. No dice. When you live in 450 square feet, there's not exactly a divying up of nighttime parenting. If Cash wakes up, we both wake up. If one of us is pacing the apartment with a screaming baby, we are both there in spirit. Plus, given the fact that Cash is in full time daycare, establishing a consistant nap schedule is unfortunatly off the table as well. Does Cash usually nap during the lights out period of 12:30-2:30 at daycare? Usually but not all the time and with a room full of lights and other screaming babies, I can't exactly demand that the day care providers make my son nap at certain times during the day. So the best I can do is try to adhere to the 12:30 - 2:30 schedule on the weekends as well even though that pretty much only gives him one long nap a day when everything I read tells me he needs two. Plus, on the days he doesn't nap he is so tired at 5pm that I feel I should just swaddle him up and put him down for the night. But then on days he does nap, he wants to stay up and since Ross doesn't get home until 6:30pm, I'd like him to stay up to to have some Daddy-time. His natural "bedtime" just hasn't presented itself yet, so we can't establish a routine and I have no idea how to enforce one in our situation.

So Sleep Lady pretty much got thrown out the window and we are back to adhering to Cash's demands. I'd like to know where there is a sleep training method for people who HAVE TO (not choose to as in co-sleeping) sleep in the same room with their baby. Not everyone has a door to shut or 1000 square feet to separate themselves from their baby in order to instill "proper sleep habits". Also, most of these methods don't really seem to be designed for working parents. For 5 days out of the week, I have little control over my child's nap schedule. It's not my fault, it's just the way that it is. If I try to demand a certain schedule, it would be pretty unreasonable considering the constraints of day care and affording a full time nanny who I can tell what to do isn't an option. I figure there has to be some kind of method out there for people in our situation but until I find it I guess I just have to continue to live in a zombiefied state with a permanent coffe cup in my hand.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Flying baby

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dinner date with Lexie

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Last Saturday our friend Courtney came over for dinner with her month old baby girl Lexington. Cash met Lexie a few weeks ago over at her place - he was very dashing and showed up to the door with a red rose, Bachelor-style. For this "playdate", Cash let Lexie share his swing while he played on the floor. We figure it will be a few more months before they start to interact and true love takes hold.

Fashion Show

I remember when we found out we were having a boy how excited I was but a little part of me was sad about the clothes part of having a boy. Girl clothes are so cute and there are so many options - I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn't get to indulge in my love of shopping. I must say though, my disappointment was completely unwarranted. Dressing up Cash is one of the highlights of my day and we received as gifts (and I also bought, I must admit) many cute outfits for the age range he is in now. Below are some highlights of his daily daycare fashions for the week:
His Taggies outfit

"My Way or the Highway"

Soft organic cotton shorts set set against the backdrop of Dad's Chelsea Classy Blues flag

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Cowboys Loss: In Pictures

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
So hopeful, so optimistic. Last Sunday's loss against the Redskins must have been a fluke.

Cash begins to realize the Boys aren't looking so hot. Ross, however, is still oblivious.

Romo just did what!?

0-2 for the first time in years! So sad. I guess I'll just roll over now...


Cash, being the overachiever that he is, started teething at the ripe young age of 2 months old. Since then, he has been a constant stream of drool and occasional fuss. Until now, I've had to hold teething apparatuses for him since he was too little to grip anything and bring it to his mouth. Last night though, we had a revelation and the little guy can now hold his own teethers. I'm not sure he likes this one (his favorite is the large vibrating one that is still too heavy to hold) but it worked for a little while until the Baby Orajel kicked in. Hopefully his two top teeth will hurry up and poke through and give him some relief.

Chickenleg Rules the Roost

Fall is upon us and with that comes...Fantasy Football, of course. Ross has been a part (and champion) of the same Fantasy league for close to ten years now and has decided that this year, Cash would become the "manager" of his team under the pseudonym "Chickenleg Johnson". Chickenleg decided to post a photo to exude his dominance in the league and reputation as a high roller. So far Chickenleg and his team, God's Americans, are 2-0. His fantasy football future is so bright he had to wear some shades.

Labor Day in Hershey

Right before I went back to work, we took the train to Hershey, PA to go to our friends Bill and Meghan's wedding. As an extra bonus, Cash's Grammy and Papa came too and we all stayed at Auntie Jami's house. Even though Cash is only 3 months old, I was excited to "show" him Hershey (and by show him, basically he saw Auntie Jami's house and the Chocolate Ave. Grill, but still, he saw it). I definitely plan to make many a summer trip to Hershey to visit the Park and Chocolate World and all of our friends as Cash grows up and we can't wait to visit again soon!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Roll over

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Cash has started trying to roll over recently. He"s not quite there yet but he gets an A for effort!

Happy 3 months!

Cash is 3 months old today! Time really flies. He's doing so much now - he's starting to play and move around more, babble quite bit and smile and coo. Every day is a new adventure for him and for us too.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to work...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Yesterday was my first day back in the office and the official end of the "Stay at Home mom" period of my life. I'm definitely a huge mix of emotions about it. While I know that I'm not really wired to be a full time at home mom, leaving Cash at daycare yesterday morning was excruciating and it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. The daycare we picked is nice and I know he will get great care and lots of stimulation and interaction, but there was a small part of me that felt that it was all just so wrong. He's still so tiny and he should be with me. However, life doesn't allow for that right now so off to daycare for 8 hours a day he goes and I'm left staring at his picture on my computer desktop screensaver. I hope it gets easier as the weeks go on...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tummy Time revisited

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun with blanket

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trip to Texas

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
I'm very late in posting this but about a month ago, we took Cash on his first flight all the way to Texas to visit Ross's family in Houston. Cash was great on the flights (we had a layover in Dallas) and slept for most of the entire time. It didn't hurt that we were flying first class thanks to Grampa Harold's air miles. We spent 4 days visiting with family and letting everyone get to know Cash and get in some quality holding time. Mama Nellie came down with Great Uncle Mario from Marshall, TX and Cash also go to meet his Great Aunt Melinda, Great Uncle Alan and cousins Matt, Suzanne, and their adorable daughter Addison. On the last night, Grampa Harold, Mama Mollie, Aunt Fiona and Uncle Charlie were really nice and let Ross and I go out on a date to the Alamo Drafthouse - our first date night since Cash came home! It was nice being somewhere where we actually had some help with the baby and to have all the space to move around in a real house over a small apartment. It was definitely an adjustment having to walk to all the separate rooms where I had put baby stuff. I'm not used to so much space and Cash seemed a bit in awe of his surroundings. We can't wait until we all have a chance to go back and visit everyone again.

*I'm an idiot and erased all of my pics from the Texas trip on our flight back - I'm not very photographically inclined. However this picture sent by Aunt Melinda sums up what the trip was all about:

And I have a video:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I tried sitting Cash in the Bumbo chair today. He's great at holding up his head so I thought it was time to pull it out. He's still a bit floppy but he didn't fuss in it so I call that a success!

Home again...

Ross and I had to leave the little one for a couple of days to attend my best friend Candace's wedding in Colorado. He was in great hands with his Grammy and Papa and the wedding was a lot of fun but we were so excited to be home with him again. Just having him take turns sleeping on our chests turned into the best night ever.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Visit from Cash's Hershey Aunties

Monday, August 23, 2010

A couple of weeks ago my good friends from home, Jami and Jessica, decided to come up from Philadelphia for the day and meet Cash. We had a great day together and Cash was very taken with both of them and showed them a bunch of his smiles. We can't wait to see them again on Labor Day weekend in Hershey!

Cute onesie that says it all:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Wednesday, August 18, 2010
About a month ago, our friend Jessica came over with her camera and some mad photography skills and took some professional looking shots of Cash that we used for our birth announcement. We plan to get some of these framed for ourselves and family to put on the wall but here is a small sampling. Thanks again Jessica!