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Cassius Daniel:


Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 months old

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This post is a little bit late but things have been busy for good and bad reasons in the Inman household as of late. The good is that we bought a house early this month! Exciting, but a lot of work. Before moving in we've been doing some renovating so I've spent a lot of the daytime coordinating contractors and such and then after putting Cash to bed at night, doing my full time normal job. Ross has been going to the house most evenings after work to paint, rip up floors, etc. However, soon we should be able to move in and then we can do our work all in one house. As for the bad, Cash has been sick most of the past month with continuous ear infections. It got so bad last weekend that he just didn't seem like the same baby. He was lethargic, not eating, just off in general. After finding out that he had contracted a double ear infection after being on a series of antibiotics all month long, the doctor has now said that Cash needs to get ear tubes put in. He was given a series of two nasty shots to get rid of this infection but it's only a matter of time before another one comes back. So Monday we are off to the Ear,Nose and Throat doctor for a consultation and then hopefully scheduling the surgery soon, before another infection sets in. While it's not an ideal situation, we have only heard good things from other parents who's kids have had the same procedure so we think that it is the best thing for our little guy.

However, through the sickness Cash persevered and grew a lot this month. He is now close to 20lbs and is pulling himself up to stand all the time. He is starting to try to cruise around a bit and pulls one hand off whatever he is using to balance like the little daredevil he is. His babbling is constant and "mama" is a favorite word, bless his little heart. He loves eating table food much more than pureed food and is eating beans, corn, fish, chicken, crackers, waffles, cheese, goldfish, amongst other things. We still need to work on the sippy cup - it's not really his forte but I haven't pushed it a lot so that's probably on me. He is sleeping through the night (except when sick which is understandable) and still loves to go to bed early around 6:30pm. His hair is getting more blond and more curly which is adorable and I hope I never have to cut it. He's still the happiest of babies and we love him so much!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dinner time

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Apparently Cash feeds us now...

When Daddy's away...

Ross went away on a business trip last week. I decided to perk up his time gone by sending some pictures of Cash via text of our nightly and morning rituals so he wouldn't feel left out.

So this was what he saw before going to bed:

And this picture greeted him in the morning:

Nothing like a little naked baby booty to end your day.