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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ready for solids...yeah, not so much

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At Cash's 4 month well baby visit, our pediatrician suggested that we get Cash started on some solids. So this week, we've been giving Cash some rice cereal in the morning. Since he is still not the best sitter, we usually put him in his swing and try to force a couple of globs of the stuff in his mouth. For the most part, he's not all that enthused. Monday, he actually opened his mouth and let me finish the bowl, but since then Ross has been able to get about 3 spoonfuls in his mouth before Cash clams up and turns his head. I have some bananas to try out later this week, maybe he'll like that more. But honestly, I'm not terribly convinced the little guy is ready for solids yet. If the pediatrician hadn't recommended it (especially since it was right after telling me he was in the 10th percentile for weight) I probably would have held off for at least another month. However, we got on this train so I don't see the point in getting off now. I'm still going to keep it just to morning feedings for a couple of weeks though. Since his bedtime routine and sleep have been so off, I don't really want to throw a wrench in the mix and make him not want to nurse at bedtime because he's so full of this rice goop. We are excited to try avocado in a week or so though. This little half-Texan needs to get started on liking guacamole early.