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Monday, September 17, 2012

Austin Devon Inman

Monday, September 17, 2012
Well we have a name for the new one...and it's not even close to one of the two names that I mentioned in the previous post.  Ross and I had a bit of a name epiphany on our trip to the Berkshires for our friends' wedding and we (me) realized that I wasn't in love with either Travis or Lucas.  I had tried to get fully on board but something was holding me back.  Ross wasn't so passionate about either of them that he was amenable to my next suggestion: Austin.

Austin has been on my list for a long time as a name that I love and always come back to.  I almost did a last minute switch on Cash's name to Austin when I thought that Cassius/Cash was a bit too out there.  However I'm glad that Cash is Cash and now, that this little guy will be Austin.

There's no real reason behind the name, although I did recently find out that it was the name of my grandfather Watson's youngest brother.  However Ross is content with the fact that it can reference a "hero of Texas":

Since that really doesn't matter to me, I like to kid him and say that this is our son's namesake:
He's pretty easy on the eyes.

We've told Cash about the name of baby brother and he was immediately on board.  He talks about "Baby Brother Austin" often and can say the name well.  However, we do think that he may believe that this is the baby brother that is coming his way:
Good old Austin from the Backyardigans who is now referred to as "Baby Brother Austin" whenever we watch the show.  Cash is in for a big surprise when a tiny baby, and not a fun-loving purple kangaroo, shows up at his house in January