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Monday, October 22, 2012

Big Boy Underwear!

Monday, October 22, 2012
For the past couple of months at school, Cash has been "trying" the potty out every day.  He's had a few successes at school and at home, but we hadn't gotten around to any formal training yet.  The other day, however, as we were walking in the Toddler clothing aisle at Target, Cash was insistent that he wanted the Toy Story underwear he spotted on the wall.  I've been reading a book that teaches potty training specifically for boys and it says to not ignore signs that he is ready and I figured an almost tantrum level determination for underwear was a sign.  Plus, as a lover of shopping, I admired his ability to pull the trigger and not waffle on the purchase - I mean, there were Cars underwear on the rack as well but a man knows what he wants.

So, in following the method of the book, we've been starting him off on a slow course of training with about an hour every other day of "underwear time".  Saturday was our first try and Cash was excited to hang out in his new big boy drawers:

Unfortunately, the first go around was not terribly successful.  After multiple reminders to let Mommy and Daddy know when he needed to go potty, Cash didn't quite grasp the concept that underwear is not a diaper and proceeded to obliviously pee all over our bed while watching an episode of Olivia.  So I think when we try again we will have a little more reminding and a lot more plastic sheeting.

Cash on the Farm

A few weekends ago, I had to leave on a work trip to Pittsburgh on a Saturday (a rare occurrence) so our neighbors invited Ross and Cash to a friend's farm nearby for an annual camp out.  They just went for a few hours and didn't stay overnight, but Cash had a great time playing with the "big kids" and, apparently, being a little Casanova with the 3 year old girls.  He was quite taken with one and tried to give her a kiss before leaving.   Maybe next year we will all be able to go!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

26 Weeks

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Well here we are - 6 1/2 months through with the third trimester on the horizon.  My belly has grown a lot in the past few weeks and I'm more than noticeably pregnant at this point.  At my last prenatal appointment the weigh in scared me straight, hence the fact that I'm back in work out clothes for this picture.

Is it ok to say that I'm pretty much over being pregnant already?  Well, I'm saying it.  I'm over it.  I'm not sure if it has to do with my job being more stressful this time around or with having Cash here to take care of and run after along with my very limited (if any) "free time" to just lay around and enjoy the growing baby inside of me but I just feel more exhausted this time around - mentally and physically.  I have my last work trip before maternity leave coming up this Saturday and I'm hoping that after that's all said and done I can find some sort of respite and force myself to de-stress a little bit.  

Baby brother Austin is doing well and he is extremely active.  More active than Cash I think.  Last night I was sitting on the couch and it felt like he was bicycle kicking around the entire perimeter of my stomach.  I've started to go through some of Cash's old clothes to figure out what we have and we seem to be doing ok in the footie pajama department as well as some early spring time clothes.  I also was able to snag a pack and play at a recent consignment sale for Austin to sleep in during our rooming in months so we've got some more bases covered and I'm able to check some things off of my pre-baby list.  Cash is still happy when he refers to Austin and we're still pretty sure he thinks it's a purple kangaroo in mommy's belly.  However, as long as he doesn't freak out at the mention of a baby brother (of any species) then I feel like we're on the right track.