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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winston-Salem day trips

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Since we stayed with my parents for about a week, we thought it would be good to get Cash out of the house and explore Winston-Salem. We took Cash on his first ever tour of the Wake Forest campus. He enjoyed running around the Quad and up and down the ramps near Benson. We showed him our friend Ben's tree and the dorm where Daddy's frat used to be. I told him that if it wasn't for this place, he wouldn't exist and he promptly let out a squeal and ran around in a circle. I think he found it to be a happy place.

Later in the week we went with my Dad to Old Salem to walk around for awhile. This was the point in the week when Cash was getting stir crazy and I thought that going to Old Salem would allow him to run around. I was wrong. Since cars can drive through (and streets aren't blocked off like I thought) we had to keep Cash in the stroller most of the time and he wasn't happy about it. However we did let him out to stretch his legs in a gift shop and found a Confederate hat to put on him for an impromptu photo session. Because such as you do in the South...


Grimbil said...

Hey, it was a fraternity, not a frat! Just like you don't call our country a ... well, you understand.

Hope said...

We can discuss this on Sunday but methinks ye doth protest too much considering that where the "fraternity" used to reside is now a lame coffee house...