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Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksmas 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011
After a week of recovering, I thought it was time to put up the Thanksmas post. We spent a whole week in Houston this year and had a fantastic time. Wednesday night was our annual "Christmas" party with the whole Inman/Young/Melone crew (except for Charlie, Fiona and Lucy who were very missed) where we opened presents and ate Italian food. Cash got to meet some of his cousins for the first time and also found a new and interesting way to drink milk while Mollie held him.

Cash with his cousins Kylie and Nicholas:

Chugging milk after a full evening opening presents:

On Thursday, Aunt Melinda hosted Thanksgiving at her place. Cash sat at the kids' table for the meal. It was a moderate success:

All of Mama Nellie's great grand-children (except for little Lucy) in one place:

Ross and all of his cousins and their families:

We spent the rest of the week hanging out with Mollie, Old Grandad and Uncle Philip before a bit of a rough trip back last Tuesday. Let's just say that flying with a sick and projectile vomiting toddler is not my favorite way to spend the day. However we had a great trip and can't wait until we get to go back and spend more time in Texas.

Watching some NickJr with Mollie:

We love you Mollie and Old Grandad!