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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7 weeks, 1 day Belly Shot

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
I figured I probably needed to start with the belly shots soon so that I started with one that was pretty true to my normal body since my cheese consumption has started to surge. I've been feeling pretty good except for extreme fatigue throughout the whole day and bouts of nausea that usually occur when my body needs food (which is quite often) and then about 30 minutes after I've eaten. I've been eating pretty well, despite the mass cheese consumption, and am still working out every other day as well as continuing with weekly modern dance class for as long as I can. I have class tonight and since last week was a little rough - I found myself almost falling asleep on the floor while stretching and then looking a little green after doing a phrase with a lot of direction changes - I think I may have to break the news to my teacher tonight.

Belly Size: Still abs of steel but developing a slight gelatinous layer, possibly due to cheese consumption.
Weight Gain: Still in denial that this will happen.
Cravings: Anything that won't make me nauseous 30 minutes after eating it. Cheese.


abruscia said...

YAY! I love that you are going to do Belly shots! It's amazing how much your body changes. Also glad to hear you are still feeling pretty well. You look Beautiful Mama! Don't forget to do belly shots of dad too (Brad gained 23 lbs when I was pregnant, yes it was intentional, but it was still two pounds more than me!). HA!

Unknown said...

Aww. This is cute. Maybe I will start doing belly shots too. Hopefully mine would get smaller.